For ladies with naturally very thin hair (on top), or ladies that have suffered illness to cause hair loss. Enhancer's  can be fitted with copper tube (will need repositioning every 4 weeks) or can be clipped in to remove as and when required. 

"Facts... you wear your hair every day. For a lot of people that's easy. For me it was difficult until today. I suffered hair loss and thinning due to an illness / medication last year and it's never really grown back right. I thought it was the end of the road until I was told about The Hair Extension Boutique Hull. I had a great consultation with Julia who explained   everything in great detail. I went back today to have my Enhancer fitted. Oh my word it looks amazing. The fitting was brilliant, did not pull, it feels secure and fits perfect. The colour match is identical to my hair and it's blended in amazingly. The salon is a lovely bright chilled environment and Julia put up a screen to make it more private during the fitting, which makes you feel more at ease. I cannot stress enough how much of a difference it has made to my hair and more so to my confidence. To anyone who has thin hair, hair loss or just wants more hair, I cannot stress enough that you need to check these ladies out. I guarantee you will be thoroughly looked after and receive the best  service at an affordable price.     

Once again I would like to thank Julia for the consultation and fitting and nice to meet Charlotte today too who made me feel very welcome".  xxx

Lindsey Atkin.

For a discreet consultation please call Julia on 01482 327880

My name is Linda and my story started 4 years ago when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. The treatments took there toll leaving me with very thin hair,it took me all my courage to even leave the house. That's when my daughter came across The Hair Extension Boutique and Julia, my saviour.  A consultation with Julia quickly had me very excited, I could have a full head of natural looking hair, When the enhancer arrived Julia made me feel totally at ease with her professionalism and welcoming personality. In no time at all the enhancer was fitted, all I could think was I look normal through floods of tears, it was amazing. Thanks to Julia and her special boutique everyone can have great looking hair, thank you for giving me my life back. I've just had my second one fitted & feel amazing. X

I have suffered from hair loss for 25 years due to health problems.  As a result I suffered from depression, low self esteem, self consciousness and embarrassment. Having tried everything I was eventually recommended the Hair Extension Boutique as a solution to my problem.

Following a private consultation I was made to feel at ease and not a freak, Julia recommended a hair topper. The day I went for my fitting changed my life. I cried when I saw myself in the mirror I hadn't realised how hair loss had impacted on my life. Seeing myself with a beautiful thick head of hair was amazing. I now have more confidence, I don't feel self conscious and the depression has gone. Thank you Julia I don't think you realise how much your service is appreciated

Helen x

Losing my hair during chemotherapy was expected, but I was sad when it didn't grow back as it had been before. That is not a common side effect, and I don't regrest having the treatment that saved my life. I thought I didn't care about having poor hair, until a friend suggested I try an enhancer. It has made such a huge difference to my self esteem, and so easy to look after and wear. I get lots of compliments about my hair, and I'm not embarrassed to tell people it's not mine. Actually, I say it is mine, because I paid for it! Julia offers a wonderful, warm and understanding service, and the results are life enhancing.'


My name is Debbie, I have always been very self conscious about my hair as thin hair is hereditary in my family. In the past I have tried to compensate for this with clip in ponytails but this never made me feel confident as it didn't cover the top of my hair. I was then introduced to the hair extension boutique. Julia showed me the enhancer and since having it fitted 2 years ago I would never be without it. The transformation was incredible! I am a much happier confident woman the enhancer has changed my life. Thank you Julia you do An amazing job xxx